Grape seed

Vinomerix is a highly purified grape seed extract series standardised to monomer content. Vinomerix is manufactured from the seeds of finest grapes available in the world, Champagne region of France

About Vinomerix

Authenticated Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is a dietary supplement known for decades for its health benefits and numerous scientific studies supporting them. Vinomerix is manufactured using the Grape seeds which are authenticated by DNA barcoding. We provide HPLC fingerprinting to prove quality and 100% authenticity of Vinomerix

Why Vinomerix

Vinomerix is manufactured using the most premium quality of grapes, cultivated in the champagne region of France. The manufacturing process ensures usage of cane alcohol and water only. Additionally, it has markers estimated by HPLC and it’s water soluble. It has a higher antioxidant potency than resveratrol on human HepG2 cell.

Application of Vinomerix

Vinomerix is rich in Catechin , Epicatechin and their short chain Oligomers

Bioavailability of procyanidin depends on degree of polymerisation. Procyanidins are only absorbed and bioavailable up to three degrees of polymerisation. Vinomerix has higher effectiveness due to high amount of monomers and short chain oligomers

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Cardiovascular health and circulation
  • Skin health
  • For chronic venous insufficiency
  • Muscle growth and endurance
  • Anti-aging
  • Immunity Enhancement

Composition & Variants of Grape seed Extract



Total Polyphenols by Folin C method

≥ 90%

Monomers by HPLC

≥ 5%

Vinomerix OptimaTM


Total Polyphenols (OPC + Monomers)

≥ 96%

Monomers by HPLC

≥ 16%


≥ 80%

Vinomerix EliteTM


Monomers by HPLC

≥ 25%

Quality Assurance & Certification



Grapes Seed

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